Friday, August 04, 2006

Ah, we made it through the week!

What a hectic week it has been.

Ok, so hectic is probably an exaggeration. But, after the weeks of sheer lazy days, with nothing on the calendar and taking all day to do just as little as possible, the return to school has been a bit busier than any of us are used to.

And it remains hot.

And, I worked this week.

And just as I was starting to whine about being tired from these realities, Friday arrived way too soon for my liking and we had our school's vision/hearing testing today. I head up our school's assessments each year. Ok, so I didn't test them all, but I did coordinate all elements of the process of screening over 300 students. And sadly, that's only half the school. We'll do it all again in September. The things I get myself into...

I'm one worn out Momma that is for sure.

But, that's the bad news around here. The good news is that both Things had a great first week of school. I had good first impressions of the teachers and class mix. As for the vision testing, I had my midlife epiphany this summer (where you go I"m getting too old to play the games and get worked up about the stuff that just doesn't matter) and managed to set some clear boundaries and distance with the school nurse. I kept my sanity and held my tongue through the countless messages she left me, telling me the same things over and over.

So in the end, I'm energized by the thought of a new school year. We may be off to a busy start and our bodies are still adjusting but I'm excited about the newness of it all. Or maybe it isn't excitement and instead, perhaps that margarita finally kicked in...all I know is it is past 5 o'clock here and we made it to the weekend...Lets celebrate!

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