Sunday, July 16, 2006

Run like the...

For as long as my failing memory can recall, Thing One always had some sort of "catch phrase" that he says repeatedly. In autism-land they refer to it as story speak or verbal stimming. Whatever you call it, is can be quirky, cute or down right annoying: depending on the phrase, the timing and how often he uses it.

We've survived "chicken nugget", "peanut brittle", even made it through "tartar sauce" and "pickles". (yes, I too am seeing a food trend).

But the latest ones are trying my patience. Lately it has been "I believe I can fly". And this past weekend, he's been telling me "Run Like the New York Yankees".

The New York Yankees? Where in the world did he come up with that one I wonder? Who knows...but for now, I'm hoping he quickly finds a new phrase as hubby is neither a sports nut or a fan of the great state of NY. :)

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