Saturday, July 01, 2006

Camp Stamp-a-lot..

Ok, so maybe A LOT is an exaggeration, but while up in the mountains, I did manage to make 9 cards! My goal was 8, so I'm pleased with myself for exceeding my goal, even if by just one. Ah gee, if I could be so committed to exercise goals as my crafting goals, I'd be in great shape. But oh well: one can't be perfect at everything, right? Even us Marthas have a few weak areas!

The entire vacation really snuck up on me and so at the last minute I was grabbing my stamp stuff and once I sat down to make some cards, I realized I'd forgotten a couple "would have been nice" items. Oh well: you make do the best you can. And it was an important reminder for me that whenever I plan to craft away from my craft room, I need to take time to plan out what I want to work on.

So, for your viewing enjoyment, here's a sample of my creations.

1 comment:

Sue said...

Those are really great cards! Even your in-a-rush-to-pack cards look better than my fully-prepared cards! LOL