Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Graduating Thing

Another major milestone was passed yesterday here in the House of Chang. Thing Two graduated from kindergarten! And man, it was a LONG TIME coming. We decided a couple years ago to hold him back a year. Give him that gift of time. Year round school means he'd be starting each school year not having had his birthday that most kids have that previous school year. And although I have NO regrets in that decision, it sure has been a long couple of years. First there was the added year of preschool. He was so ready to be DONE with preschool but NOT ready for kindergarten. I thought, just get to kindergarten. Then, I realized that he was MORE THAN READY for kindergarten when the time to go finally arrived.

But the decision to hold any child back a grade (Thing One benefited greatly from "take two" on second grade this year), isn't one made because of an immediate concern. (at least it wasn't for us). It is a long range concern that prompts most of us parents to do the right thing for our children. And as I have learned from this experience, the decision to hold the student back may be right for the child but can be very hard on the parent. Yet in the end: it is ALL ABOUT our kids right? Choosing to do right by our children should be our first concern, even when it is harder for us.

So, here's to you, my happy thing! You did great! We are so proud of you!
And watch out first grade, here he comes!

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