Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Look Martha, MORE flowers...

The vacation is going rather nicely. On Monday our friends joined us for some fun. We've swam, chatted,stamped (shh..don't tell Hubby but yes, I brought up my craft crap and as of today I've made 5 cards!). The boys have played a bit of golf (miniature style), bungee bounced(strapped into a harness you bounce on a trampoline, higher and higher). As a group, we've taken a couple short hikes (but you have to call them walks or else MY things protest loudly). We've checked out several cool parks. And most importantly we've taken the time to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Notice, I didn't mention taking pictures. Yes, I've taken "just a few". I won't embarrass myself by admitting HOW many pictures I've taken. But the remarks from the boys might give you a little hint as to how bad I've been...

  • Thing One asked me "how much coins do I get for smiling THIS time?
  • Thing Two shakes his head and says "MORE? GEEZ"
  • And Mr. T (my friends son)...well, he's my pal for life...he proudly announced on our hike, uh walk, back into Vail Village..."Look Ms. Martha, MORE Flowers" and stopped walking while I took pictures. He's a keeper I tell ya!

So, that I feel a little less guilty for all the time I've spent taking pictures, I will share just a couple with you. Or would you prefer to see all 3,459 of them? (just hasn't been THAT bad)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

River Run Report

Well, for starters, we can pretty much strike "boatsman" off Thing One's career options profile. Despite the gentle nature of the Colorado River (at least the stretch we were floating on), he was determined NOT to have a good time. Something spooked him at the beginning and he spent the first 10 minutes sort of quivering with fear. He did end up smiling a couple times and even tried his hand at paddling. Well, that is until he got distracted and dropped the paddle, but the guide caught it.

Thing Two on the other hand, reminded us yet again that his teen years will be tough. We can just see the thrill seeker in him trying to break through the desire to please Mommy and Daddy. He was grinning from ear to ear, begging for more rapids (we'd picked the easy family float as a way to see who liked what). At one point, the guide mentioned you could swim in the river. Next thing we knew: Thing Two had JUMPED OFF THE boat and into the river and was pretty surprised to see how cold it was. Fear not, we did get him back into the raft and this only added to his confidence and thrill seeking attitude.

We took a few pictures with a good old fashioned disposable water proof camera. Most of them will be with Thing One scowling and Thing Two grinning. A pretty expensive way to see Colorado but one that neither boy will soon forget!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Our room with a view...

I took this photo yesterday evening, standing on the patio of our condo. Ok, so that is indeed I-70 running through but hey, we're still enjoying the view!

This exchange is by far the best one we're traded for. There is marble in the bath and kitchen, a jacuzzi tub in each of the two bathrooms. Nobody should complain about having to watch some show they don't want to: we've got four tvs throughout the unit. And best of all (at least according to hubby), is the high speed internet access, available in the room! The only thing missing is central air...and really, with the windows open and once the sun shifted, you don't really need it.

We've spent the first day just hanging out. We did make it to the local park and we all made it one loop around the lake. Spent a bit of time poolside and we even each got a chance to catch a nap. Tomorrow is the BIG adventure...a raft trip down the river. Shhh...Don't tell Thing Two but we picked the easy "family friendly" one rather than anything with serious rapids. We know him well enough to realize anything more than a gentle float will be too frightening for him...even if claims to be the bravest boy in the boat! Pictures for that will have to wait: I don't dare take my digital camera with me...but we did pick up a couple disposable water proof cameras and the Things have PROMISED to take real pictures...not photos of chairs, chips or cheeks (at least they were covered with underwear but still...Note to self..don't let them use the digital camera anytime soon).

So until I feel so inclined to blog while on vacation...enjoy these photos of Colorful Colorado!~

Friday, June 23, 2006

Heading for the Hills

We're loading up the family van and heading up to the mountains for a week. I can't believe it has been almost a year since we've gone on vacation. That is SO not us!
Needless to say, we're all MORE THAN ready for a break from the routine of life.
And, although we'll take a laptop with us, I don't anticipate updating the blog while I"m there. Once you go high speed, having to deal with dial up is just so not worth it, if you know what I mean.

So until I blog again...Happy Trails to you all!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Movie Madness

Both Hubby and I enjoy watching an assortment of mindless tv shows. So much so, that during the regular tv season, we rarely find time or have a desire to rent movies. But, once all our favorite shows go into rerun mode, we switch gears and start to catch up on movies we missed throughout the year. Since we rarely catch movies when they are playing in the theatres, there is always a long list of movies we're curious to watch.

For the summer, I signed up for Hollywood Video's version of Netflix. You pay a monthly rate of $10 (well, that's the introductory rate, after the first month it goes to $14.95/month) and you can pick three movies at a time (as long as it isn't a first run movie), as often as you want. It works out perfectly: each Thing gets to pick a movie and I select one for Hubby and I.

Thing One usually picks something related to his passion du jour. He's been in Pokemon mode for the past several months now so he checks out whatever Pokemon movie he can find. It doesn't not seem to matter that we may already have that movie at home: he really likes picking out his own movie.

Thing Two is all about the Simpsons and so his choices are usually something Simpson related. Oh joy sighs mom! But again, it is his choice and as long he just WATCHES Bart's antics and doesn't start to imitate Bart, I"m ok with it all.

As for us, I try to find something that Hubby and I will both like. So far this summer I've not done so well in picking out flicks. First I picked up some war movie for hubby (as I was going out with the gal pals that night). His comment was "no wonder THAT movie went straight to video". A real thumbs down.

Next, I picked Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Yeah, I knew the movie was torn to shreds by the critics. But, since I consider myself somewhat talented at "reading" people, I was curious to see the movie that sparked the break up of Brad and Jen and started this whole Brangelina craze. Yikes: bad doesn't even come close to describing this movie. Senseless violence doesn't really bother me (I admit, I am a Kill Bill fan) but this movie had no humor to it, no plot, just chaos with a very weak attempt at telling a lame story.

Ok, Hubby tells me that I'm just about to have my Movie Picking License revoked for the season. I'm treading on thin ice. Luckily, I catch a break with The Wedding Crashers. Granted, not the film for everyone, but since it had topless women in it, Hubby said I had a stay of execution and could resume movie picking duty. It is a different twist on your standard romantic comedy: a bit more raunchy than some people care for, but we enjoyed it.

So this week, I said forget about what he wants to watch, I'm getting a bonafide CHICK Flick and came home with In Her Shoes. Oh my goodness, how did I miss seeing this one in the theatres? It would have made a great "get together with the girls" movie. I laughed, I cried and I was reminded again how happy I feel after I see a really good movie!

Now that I"ve had my fix on a good flick, I'm in search of another feel good movie...what movie have you seen lately that just made you happy you took the time to watch it? Come on...share your favorites please...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Did I bring my friends he asked...

For several years I've belonged to a neighborhood playgroup (Hi Dodi!). And luckily, we've not been your average playgroup. We've fed the kids all assortments of unhealthy snacks, we've drank "Mommy juice" from our coffee cups (not even wondering or concerned if it is 5 o'clock somewhere!). And through it all we've become good friends. Oh sure, the occasional competitive parenting moment has occured (mostly during the toilet training stages and preschool selection era) but for the most part, we all like each other and have become good friends. We've lost a few moms to job transfers and relocations (we miss you Allison and Christine!) and we've gained a few new members (although we've yet to get them to ALL drink from those spiked coffee mugs!) Although my kids are often in school when the group gathers, I still enjoy stopping in for some chick chatter. So, some of the newer kids know me but don't know my kids that well.

Yesterday I was at the pool with my boys, when the son of one of our newer members showed up. I said hello and mentioned that most of the gang was here today...listing off the names of several other neighborhood families I'd seen poolside. This adorable little guy looks at me and asks "And did YOU bring your friends from China with you?"...

I thought: what is he talking about? I couldn't remember any visiting relatives...Oh wait, do you mean MY children? Yeah, those boys...
And then I smiled...yes, I did bring my friends from China with me...

and yes, it is a compliment that the Things look more like their dad than me...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Garden Shots

I'm not that interested in the work associated with gardening. Yes, I will get out there and pull the occasional weed, water the flowers, even toss a little plant food on them. But the passion has just not been there. Yet, as I watch the beauty of my inherited garden blossom, I might just be inclined to change my tune. The previous owner was very into her flowers and I'm catching a bit of the bug as I look outside my kitchen window and routinely catch glimpses of new bursts of color.

Just maybe there is a bit more Martha Stewart in me than I care to admit? A garden can be a very good thing indeed....

Well, at least he's honest...

Last night, Thing Two had his fifth t-ball game in three weeks. It's been hot and he's just not that into the whole organized sports concept. Sure he loves some parts of it, but I doubt we're raising the next Cal Ripkin Jr. Despite this, he's a trooper and went without complaining (we've already had THE talk about seeing things through so I'm guessing he knew better than to throw a tantrum and refuse to go).

During his turn at bat, he ran to first base like he had lead in his shoes. While out in the field, I spotted him yawning more than watching the ball.

After the game, I asked him what happened. I even gave him a lead "you were pretty tired out there tonight, weren't you?". His reply was one of those remarks that make you realize just maybe they do pay attention to all the nagging I do.. "No, Mom, I just didn't try my best".

Like his folks, he can call it like he sees it. I reminded him to hang in there as the season is short and we're more than half way through. That put the smile back on his face!

Monday, June 19, 2006

The first day of summer vacation...

Ah, can you see the smile on my face? Do you hear the echo of silence as I go about my morning routine, cheerful in the knowledge that we don't have to rush out the door at any particular time? We can do what we want when we want...for today is the first official day of summer break!

Yeah right, I expect in a matter of minutes the Things will hunt me down, begging to go somewhere, do something or their most repeated request: have someone over! And much as I am inclined to fulfill their every wish (yes, I'm soon to be inducted into the indulging parent hall of fame) I'm also reminded that this too is MY summer vacation. So, no, at least for today we are not having anyone over. We are not doing something out of the ordinary. After lunch, we have been invited to a friend's house...but I've not told them that little treat for the day.

For right now, we're just going to enjoy this morning.....knowing that soon enough we'll be back to the chaos of family life! And even worse, when vacation does end on August 1st, school will be starting ten minutes earlier then before (tardy bell will now ring at 0801)! Yikes...that reality alone is enough to remind me to savor the slow pace of summer break!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Goodnight Nobody

Each summer, People Magazine puts together a list of books they consider to be "good summer reading". I think for awhile they were calling their list something like "beach reads". The list included light hearted fun stuff. I'm not sure: don't flame me for getting the details wrong. Anyways, I wouldn't be a bit surprised to have learned that this book, Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner, made such a list.

Here's how one reviewer summarized the book (it is early and my thoughts are jumbled, so yes, I"m cutting and pasting this morning!) "In Goodnight Nobody, Jennifer Weiner brings together two compelling tales---an engrossing murder mystery and a poignant story about one woman's quest to save her sanity and sense of self amidst the challenges of motherhood, marriage, and suburbia."

I give this book a double thumbs up rating for fun. Her characters are real. Unlike some chick lit stuff, where you find yourself rolling your eyes thinking "yeah right", this book has a certain element of authenticity to it. If you've lived in the suburbs for any length of time and interacted with other mommies, you've surely met characters like some of the ones she introduces in this book. And everyone needs a best friend like Kate had.

Oh no...the clock tells me I better get off the computer. I'll wrap this up by saying if you want to read something fun, then check this book out. I doubt you'll be too disapointed!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Digging to America

TV reruns sure do help with my reading efforts. I've finished two books this week and feeling mighty proud of myself for accomplishing such a goal. The first book I read was Digging to America by Anne Tyler.

The basic premise of the story is that two families, whose paths would probably never have intersected, meet each other at the airport while they are awaiting the arrival of their newly adopted daughters being escorted in from Korea. As the one year anniversary of their arrival approaches, one of the families looks up the other family to invite them to a party they are having to celebrate this important anniversary. From here, the story continues to follow the lives of these two very different families as their friendship builds.

If you've read much of Anne Tyler's work, you are aware of her unique style of storytelling. She is known more for her character development than her plot. And, this book was really no different. The plot moved along while she created very real and vivid characters. I found some of her insights interesting as she examined certain cultural issues such as what does it really mean to be an American? If you are an immigrant, can you ever fully fit into the American culture? Do you even want to fit in? Since hubby is an immigrant, and my Things are first generation Americans (at least on the paternal side!), I found this aspect of the novel very interesting. I found myself nodding, and I even chuckled over a scene involving rice as I realized how right on target she was in describing certain cultural elements of one of the two families.

My only real concern was the slow pace in which she tells her story. I like a bit more plot. I'd also have liked to hear a bit more from the young girls themselves. Granted, initially they were babies, but as the story progressed, it would have been interesting to hear more of their characters voice.

I found the book to be a timely story...especially given the recent hot topic subject of immigration reform. And although she doesn't specifically address this issue, just reading about the immigrant experience had me mulling over my own opinions when it comes to the idea of Coming to America. I'd say look for this book in the library. It is a rather quick read and not something you would necessarily want for your home collection but it is a book you'll be glad that you read.

Graduating Thing

Another major milestone was passed yesterday here in the House of Chang. Thing Two graduated from kindergarten! And man, it was a LONG TIME coming. We decided a couple years ago to hold him back a year. Give him that gift of time. Year round school means he'd be starting each school year not having had his birthday that most kids have that previous school year. And although I have NO regrets in that decision, it sure has been a long couple of years. First there was the added year of preschool. He was so ready to be DONE with preschool but NOT ready for kindergarten. I thought, just get to kindergarten. Then, I realized that he was MORE THAN READY for kindergarten when the time to go finally arrived.

But the decision to hold any child back a grade (Thing One benefited greatly from "take two" on second grade this year), isn't one made because of an immediate concern. (at least it wasn't for us). It is a long range concern that prompts most of us parents to do the right thing for our children. And as I have learned from this experience, the decision to hold the student back may be right for the child but can be very hard on the parent. Yet in the end: it is ALL ABOUT our kids right? Choosing to do right by our children should be our first concern, even when it is harder for us.

So, here's to you, my happy thing! You did great! We are so proud of you!
And watch out first grade, here he comes!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Deadlines and Challenges

As a SAHM, there aren't too many deadlines in our day to day world. For many of us, myself included, this is a challenge we struggle with routinely. I know when I was working, I was most productive when I had a full schedule and somewhere I had to be after work. I had a reason to stay on task and get everything done in a timely manner. Occasionally, I'll create deadlines for myself. I'm guessing that's why I enjoy having friends over: it gives me a deadline to get the bathrooms cleaned, the kitchen floor mopped and laundry put away (all some of my least favorite tasks). Hubby has caught on to my style of home management. Now when he comes home and see a clean kitchen floor and the smell of pine sol, he says rather snarky "Must be your turn to have playgroup, eh?" He's not really complaining, more like commenting. He, just like me figures, whatever it takes to get the job done is fine by him.

This is the last week of school for the Things. Thing Two graduates from kindergarten tomorrow morning and Thing One finishes up later in the week. That has created a craft deadline for me. And it worked! Wrapped and ready to distribute are cards for the teachers and even a little "brag book" style album for one of the teachers.

As for challenge, they really aren't my thing.I think I am just not that much into competition in general. I tend not to set goals that involve me sticking to a plan in order to accomplish the goal. I've never set a page goal for my scrapbooking nor have I set a reading goal for my reading passion. And, if you've seen me in real life, you would know it has been a long time since I've had any sort of bets involving the scale! I do much better just plugging along. So, it was unusual when I peaked in on ScrapShare over the weekend and spotted a Becky Higgin Sketch Challenge. Oh, I recognize that sketch I thought to myself. That is one of MY favorite ones to use. And, so I finished my last Christmas 2005 layout using this challenge. I've never done the SS challenges, but I think I'm not supposed to post my layout until Wednesday. BUT, I will give you all a preview here on my blog. I added a few extra pictures than what the original sketch used. But, I had just a few more pictures than what the sketch called for and I knew that this would be the END of the 2005 pictures so I made them fit. Ah, how I absolutely love those sketch books! Where would I be without them? Probably still struggling with what to do with those last few pictures.

Uh oh, a quick glance at the clock suggests if I don't sign off, I might miss my one major deadline of the morning: getting the Things to school on time! Gotta Go! Happy Monday to you all...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Brothers who bicker...

Like any set of siblings, the Things are known to occasionally bicker. It is considered a good day when the bickering doesn't escalate into a shout out for help from Mom to mediate the dispute.

Here's a recap of yesterday morning's dispute...
  • Thing Two: YOU took the last pair
  • Thing One: SO I got there first
  • Thing Two: BUT those are the ones I wanted
  • Thing One: You can wear these, I'm finished with them
  • Thing Two: But they are stinky. YOu wore them yesterday! Oh well, at least they are comfie.

And thus the matter was settled without calling for Mom. In this case, I wish they had called out for my help. Because they were arguing over who got to wear the last pair of CLEAN Haines comfie waitband underwear! So comfie that Thing Two would rather wear a dirty pair than risk something not so comfie.

I guess there is truth in advertising...they are more comfortable than regular pairs and more importantly, I best go buy some more pairs as three pairs for two boys just isn't go to work out: even if they found a solution to their problem!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Flakey Mom syndrome

Call it summer fever. Call it school needs to be done, I want to play way more than my kids do!
But, this weekend, I promised Thing One I would help him get started on the visual aide for his presentation that is due tomorrow. Did I even think of the project once? NOPE! We worked on the written portion last week and I said at the time "we can decide what you want to do this weekend!". UH OH... I can tell we're gonna be a busy family this evening as it is due tomorrow! And, if that isn't enough, Thing Two has a baseball game tonight as well!

Grumble Grumble Grumble....

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The F word

Thing Two comes up to me this morning and says he needs to ask me a VERY IMPORTANT question. I replied "What is it son?". He pauses and said "Ok, this will take awhile, AND I have to use the F word".

Hmmm... I immediately panic and wonder what is so important he has to make sure he gets it right AND it involves the F word? Now I admit to using some grown up words that perhaps my boys shouldn't hear, but none of my colorful words of choice start with the letter F, HONEST! I'm more of a D word or S word kind of gal. Rarely the F word and NEVER any C words.

Well, he goes on to explain how he's been really good about playing with his brother (I nod in agreement) and yet how he's been a little lonely (ok, lonely is better than saying bored) and could he PLEASE invite over...some FRIENDS!!

I give the huge sigh of relief and agree that yes, I think we can invite over some friends!

And then it all became quite clear: between track off and a long weekend, we'd really overdosed on the whole playmates/company/friends over and earlier in the week, I had gone on a rant to the boys how they needed to get back to playing together and that I absolutely DID not want to hear about them asking for friends over. We were taking a break. Case closed end of discussion. I"d forgotten my little speech but apparently Thing Two had not and wanted to re-open the matter for discussion but was afraid he'd have to use THAT word I told him I didn't want to hear him ask for: friends!

I then gave a silent word of thanks. Realizing that not only had I not exposed my son to some awful F word, but that he had heard what I was saying about the constant flow of traffic through the house, done as I had asked and was now hoping that the ban had been lifted.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Back "blogged" Book Reports

It's been awhile since I"ve shared what I've been reading. In the past couple of weeks, I've read an assortment of books. I guess none of them moved me to the point of blogging about each book separately, so instead, I'll share my collective remarks.

Whenever I"m in the need for a "quick" fix, I know I can't go too wrong with the works of James Patterson. I am a huge fan of the various TV shows that feature crime and punishment, whether that be the CSI variety or the Law and Order/Medium/Criminal Minds type. James Patterson's books satisfy this interest in the literary format. Recently, I've enjoyed The Honeymoon. I thought Mary Mary was ok. And just this week, I finished The 5th Horseman. I could share all my petty problems I had with the last two but mostly I can summarize it with: you get what you pay for. This man is a very prolific writer. Some he writes on his own, some he attaches his name to other lesser known authors. But, this man is a book-writing machine and many (if not most) of his stories reflect this assembly line approach to cranking out bestsellers. But, like I said, he gives me a quick fix. I don't have to think too hard when I read his stuff and I know that it will be mildly entertaining (that always seems so wrong to admit that you find deranged killers and victims to be entertaining but hey, that is the way it is for me).

The other book I read recently was The Alibi by Joseph Kanon. Set in post-war Venice, it too deals with the subject of murder and the subsequent investigation. But instead of the "who dunnit" he looks at was it right and what price does it exact. He spends a great part of the book examining the moral compass that drives us all. I found it interesting although at times a bit sluggish.

I much preferred a book I read a couple summers ago also by Joseph Kanon. That one was called The Good German and was also set in the post-WW II era, but instead of Venice, he wrote about Berlin. I heard The Good German is going to be made into a movie...and I highly recommend folks read the book BEFORE seeing the movie when it comes out later this Fall. The lead will be George Clooney. Although George is very easy on the eyes (wink wink) he is not quite the man I pictured when I read the book. Regardless, I would suggest you read The Good German first and if you like this man's style of story telling, check out The Alibi. Here's what one critic had to say about The Good German (his review actually gives a nice summary of the book in general)

Kanon spins an ever-more-riveting thriller that is bolstered by vivid period detail, genuine characters, and a thoughtful exploration of the many layers of postwar German guilt. --Thom Geier, Entertainment Weekly

But, now it is time that I sign off. I put several books on hold at the
libary and is often the case, they were all ready for pick up the same
week. Murphy's Law of reading: Either you've got nothing you want to
read or way too many choices, you don't know where to start

Embarrassing Moments, Mom Style...

This week a couple of my other scrapbooking blog pals shared moments of embarrassment. The general theme centered on embarrassing moments involving mistaken identity. I read them, laughed and thought "oh thank goodness that hasn't happened to me!"...

But yesterday when I took the Things to the pool, I remembered MY embarssing moment from LAST summer.

As a mom to two young, not so modest, boys with no waists, I'm always on plumber patrol. Checking up to make sure that their trunks are not falling down to their knees and showing the pool community their dairy airs! (yes, grammar police, I know it is really derrieres, but I'm making a punny tribute to their WI heritage) Last summer, I did a bunch of hitching of shorts as they swam by. So, I see this black haired, very tan boy go by, with half his hiney exposed. He had that Jamacian Pool boy look that both Things get as the summer progresses and I just figured it was either Thing One or Thing Two. So, I just reached over and gave those trunks a quick tug to get them back in their proper place.

The swimmer called out with a much deeper voice than my own boys and said "Thanks Miss Martha!". I looked up to realize it wasn't MY boys' bottom I'd covered but the bottom belonging to my friend's 10 year old son!

He thought it was hilarious as did his mom and she said "well, you know what they say, all Asians look alike!". J's husband is Japanese, and in my defense, our kids all look like they could be cousins. My embarrassment was short lived when I said "hey, it is my job as a mom to protect all the pool from wardrobe malfunctions"...but I must say, THIS year, I am looking before I hitch up trunks...

Friday, June 02, 2006

In a Field all his own...

It has been a frustrating week here in the House of Chang. Although the week started out great, by Tuesday afternoon I realized that an ongoing issue we've had with Thing One's special ed. team was flaring up yet again. And yes, perhaps this time I am making a mountain out of a mole hill. But, if you know (or knew) the details, I"m sure you could agree that given all the second chances we've given them, my frustration is justified. And, hey, even if I am overreacting, you all are my friends and would side with me, right?

In the midst of all my adult worries, Thing One had field Day. Now, for a kid on the autism spectrum, field day is right up there in terms of being possibly your least favorite day of the school year. All the things that make you anxious are coming together to create that perfect storm. You've got the unpredictable nature of the day (you never know which station you'll get to next or what task you'll have to complete at that station), you've got sensory issues (it gets pretty loud as your enthusiastic classmates try really hard to win the class spirit award). Toss in the added social pressure of having to work together as a team and interact with your peers in a social setting and well, it could be a recipe for total disaster. But not this year!

Nope, this year, Thing One did great. Sure, he asked that Moosey be there for moral support (when he gets anxious, he asks for Moosey). And a couple of the events he asked to sit out completely. But all in all, he was totally connected with the group. Having fun and enjoying himself.

And during all of this excitement and success for Thing One, where was that special ed team? You know, the ones that take all the credit for his success and yet do little of the acutal hard work? As usual, off to the side visiting amongst themselves. Never once coming over to cheer on one of their own. * don't think I"m bitter do you? Nah, not me, never as she grins her evil snarky grin!

But, despite my disappointment in the adult behavior (or lack thereof), I was ever so proud of Thing One! He showed me yet again, that no matter what, he's going to do just that field all of his own!