Monday, May 15, 2006

The Big Squeeze

Tomorrow I"m off for the "girls' annual photo shoot", or the "big squeeze". Or for those of you who prefer the more technical, but less fun term, my annual mammogram. Ok, I admit, to call it an ANNUAL mammogram would have meant I went 6 months ago. But, I let minor details like insurance coverage and life get in the way. ENOUGH I said and I made an appointment (no easy feat if you belong to an HMO that covers every woman with breasts in the Rocky Mountain region...or so it seems).

I admit, I don't like these tests. It isn't the comfort factor. I really see that part as no big deal. It is the anxiety of the procedure that gets to me. Each year, I look in the mirror and see more of my mom staring back at me. I've got her chins. I prefer her shade of lipstick (that is when I bother to wear lipstick, just like her, I'm not big on beauty products). I hear words come out of my mouth and think "OMG! I sound like my MOM!". And now tomorrow, I hope and pray that these are the ONLY ways I've become like my mom.

But you know what THIS year I've decided that , if it turns out that there is another trait I've inherited from her, that's ok. Because like my mom, I"ve got a source of faith and a circle of friends and family that will get me through whatever challenges get thown my way. I am indeed blessed and ever so grateful for those blessing that have been bestowed on me!


Laura said...

Be sure to smile real purty like now and don't forget to say "cheeeese"!

Martha said...

Actually it went well.
They were down one machine so there seemed to be a whole lot of squeezing going on! :)