Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Thing One in living color

Thing One is a bit like his mother, his maternal grandmother and heck, even his maternal great-grandmother. We have (or had, sadly the grandmothers are no longer living)issues with having our photo taken. He didn't use to be so camera reluctant. But, I am finding as he gets older he sighs whenever I bring out the camera. And, well I can sort of see why. Of the many photos I take of him, most end up getting deleted. His eyes are half closed, or they have that wide open stare in a very forced attempt NOT to close them. If there is a smile, it is often one that looks so forced it reflects pain not joy. Unfortunately, I fear he comes by these photo-sensitive issues genetically. But, thanks to my perpetual photo taking nature and with help from digital technology, every so often I manage to snap a blog worthy photo.

Such was the case on Saturday. He was truly happy. Playing outside with his pals. Riding bikes and just being a kid. I ran to grab my camera and before he even spotted me, I started snapping away. And voila, I present to you...
a smiling, eyes open, content with the world Thing one!

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