Monday, March 20, 2006

Shoveling for Two...

When we made the decision to move to the new house before selling the old one, we looked at the situation closely. And although we knew dual payments for a couple months would cause a financial strain, it really was the best solution for us. Because, honestly, my domestic skills would not have stood up to the challenges of showing a house while living in it and getting those phone calls that go sort of like this: "Hi, This is Perky Pam from KW Real Estate. We'll be showing the house 10 minutes ago". I just don't have enough "Martha" in me to pull off such showings on short notice. I knew we made the right decision: when we got THREE such calls yesterday!

But now it is Monday and we've had about 6 inches of snow fall in the past 24 hrs. The new house has a three car garage: which translates into a three car wide driveway. Old House is having a steady flow of showings. And since I just paid a lot of $$$ to have those carpets cleaned I figure I really SHOULD shovel that drive way too.

So, although I know we made the right decision, I can honestly say "I hope Spring arrives soon!"
Oh wait, maybe not...Because I think I'd rather shovel for two then mow lawns on two yards (especially if you could see my new back yard!)

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