Sunday, March 12, 2006

Our Rising Stars...

Saturday afternoon Thing Two and his team had their Destination Imagination performance. (That's him in the photo, he's the duck! Came up with his costume all on his own!)This was the Chang Gangs first experience with DI and I think we have become a bit spoiled. The dad who coached the little guys was fantastic and the kids all had a blast. As a parent, it was interesting to watch the process unfold: from taking 8 kindies and first graders and encouraging them to work together as a team to create a play that contained certain key elements with next to NO adult interference! So much depends on the coach and his understanding and enthusiasm for the project.

Last night, as I was reading to Thing Two, he called out to his older brother "hey, P, will you sleep on the top bunk tonight?" (usually they sleep in separate rooms, with Thing Two having bunks beds in his room but no consistent bunk mate). Thing One cheerfully replied "sure, I can do that for you!". Thing Two looked at me and said "you know Mom, some days he really is my VERY BEST FRIEND!"

And you know what boys....When you both are so kind to each other, I'm reminded of what bright shining stars you both can be (when you want to!)

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh, too sweet!!!!!! They are such sweet boys!

Again, Dodes