Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Metrosexuals sprouting up all over the House of Chang

It started when hubby started to hang pictures here at the new house. I realized he had a "real eye" when it came to grouping photos and awards and creating a couple "I love me" walls. I remarked that he was morphing into a metrosexual. Needless to say, he was not amused with my lame attempt at humor/teasing. Yet, he continued to hang a wallpaper border in Thing Ones room (on his own, not because it was a request of mine). His most recent project has been creating poster sized enlargements of car related art to hang in the garage. If he starts to take an interest in skin care and hair products, the deal is sealed: he'll receive his welcome packet into the Metrosexual Club!

Well, now it appears as though Thing Two is also showing signs of being in tune with the world of appearance. Today while getting dressed, he rejected three different shirts determining that they were no longer in style! My six year knows and even worse, cares about "style"? This is so wrong! It is supposed to be one of the perks of having boys: they don't make an big production of what to wear. Grab the essentials and go, right?

Thankfully, the stylish shirt he finally decided on: had a Harley Davidson featured on the front. Big sigh! I think this trait is still emerging and perhaps it will still be easier dressing this boy than had I birthed a girl.
(and a special shout out thanks to Ms. Nancy who keeps the Things clothed in the latest of Harley fashion straight from the HQ in Milwaukee! Nothing but the authentic product for these Things!)

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