Sunday, March 12, 2006

Father-son bonding at its best...

I'm sitting in the front room, reading the paper (as is my Sunday morning routine), when I hear the laughter of my hubby. That can only mean a couple things: either his Army buddy has sent him yet another email featuring photoshoped photos that tickle only the male funny bone, or he's found Stooges on TV.

The answer was found just a few moments later, when he calls for his sons and announces: "it is time you learn all about the Stooges". Sure enough, Thing Two is laughing within the first few minutes of watching this classic "guy" show. Thing One is trying hard NOT to laugh as he's trying to pull off a pout (he was watching some equally mind numbing show when he got bumped from his command post of having control of the remote).

Ah yes, I do live in the Land of Testosterone! But that's ok, I've always said God knew what He was doing when He blessed me with boys!

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Anonymous said...

See, this is where my dh lost out... no one in this house appreciates the fine comedy of the stooges with him!!
Keep writing! Dodes