Monday, January 16, 2006

Where is the snow I was promised?????

Ok, I try really hard not to use my blog as a space to vent. Ya know, once it goes on the internet, it is really hard to take things back. But, come on folks: the weather man PROMISED me some snow. He predicted 3-6 inches. So, just where the heck is it?

I so need an excuse to sit around in my jammies all day, drinking coffee and basically procrastinating. AND, I need some white stuff on the ground so that I can do this without feeling guilty. I need to be able to blame it one the winter blahs.

Yeah yeah, be careful what you wish for...frankly, I"m wishing for a big old snowstorm!
The pantry is stocked. The wine cabinet is full and every bathroom has at least 4 rolls of essential paper. Bring it on, Mother Nature! I'm ready!

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