Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Having a Very Merry Time...

Well, the BIG day has come and gone...and all in all, The Things had a very Merry Christmas and so did the parents. Santa must not have "SEEN IT ALL" as the boys really scored with the guy in the big red suit. As is always the case, they got the most excited about the unexpected... For Thing One: the stuffed moose that sings almost as bad as I do, a Simpsons DVD for Thing Two and a TuTu for Moosey who had been warned "if you don't behave, we'll dress you like a girl!" (Thing One had reported that Moosey was the reason for all the mischief and messes we'd discovered! Hmmmm) I've now found a new and effective threat: keep it up, and I'll dress you like a girl is sure to result in improved behavior.

So, without further chatter...here are some photos of all of us enjoying the day.
In case you are wondering, hey, how can Thing Two have the camera AND a picture is being taken? Well, hubby really scored by giving me a new camera! Oh my, I guess I have been a good wife, mother, friend this year!

And as for the man in a kilt, well, if you are local, you'll know that is Dom's bestest buddy. And if you aren't local, well, seriously, they are just good friends!

Merry Belated Christmas to all!

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