Thursday, December 15, 2005

Finding My Inner Martha...

Well, I'll be...Maybe I can bake after all! For those that know my extended family, you know I come from a long line of excellent bakers. There was Grandma G. and her famous sugar cookies. And Grandma B: well, she did indeed work magic in that kitchen of hers. Yes, she made doughnuts from scratch that would make the folks at Krispy Kreme green with envy! Good thing she passed away before we all became aware of the dangers of carbs: as breads were indeed her house speciality! Both my parents enjoyed cooking and baking. But it seems lately, I've not done so well with the baking. Maybe it is the altitude: I"m living a lot further above sea level than my ancestors that excelled at baking. Maybe it is attitude: Thing Two and I are the only ones that eat the treats so I don't always put the effort into baking like I would if more of the family enjoyed the final product. Who knows...

But, with the holidays fast approaching, and Thing One being assigned "Christmas cookies" to bring to the fiesta today (ah, another topic for another mood), I figured I should give it a try.

I bought this box of mix

And guess what...all three types turned out PERFECT. They had that "holiday" flavor to them but without the hassle of measuring the flour, adjusting for altitude and so on an so forth.

Martha...giddy with success and wondering what shall she try next?

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