Thursday, December 08, 2005

Cold and Cranky...

No matter where you live, you've probably noticed that we've had a bit of a taste of winter. Out here in the Land of Sunshine, yes, we expect winter weather. We don't expect the weather to linger for more than a couple days. We've had a run of rather severly cold much so that the snow we got last weekend is still on the ground! That is practically unheard of! Usually when it snows, I have to agree to take the Things sledding IMMEDIATELY or else you run the risk of the snow being gone by the next day.

But, it isn't the weather that is making me cranky. It is my darn microwave. I tell you: I'm cursed when it comes to small appliances. I'm on my 3rd microwave in 8 years. And right now, we've got light, we've got sound, but we've got no heat. What good is a microwave with no heat?

And a microwave is one of those appliances that you use alot more often then you realize. Want to defrost the chicken for dinner? Usually not a problem. Lately, it has been. Hubby running late with work (or gets an important work related phone call right as he's sitting down for dinner) and his dinner gets cold. Again, usually not a problem. Just warm it up in the microwave. Lately: not a workable solution. The things favorite breakfast is "cooked pretzels" (those giant pretzels that I put salt on and nuke). Yep, a problem and challenge to fix without a microwave.

Oh sure, there are ways to work through these problems but it all just makes me CRANKY!

Hopefully the technician will fix the problem tomorrow and we'll be on our merry way to defrosting chicken, warming dinner, cooking pretzels and most importantly this time of year: making Grandma Audrey's famous family fudge!

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