Saturday, November 26, 2005

Doors Open at 5 am

So, yesterday Thing One and Thing Two are BEGGING me to take them shopping. I told them "but we don't need anything" (and to myself I am thinking, there is NO way you'd get me out there on Black Friday). They both agreed (that there was nothing we needed, only things they'd like) but together they announced "but Mom, doors open at 0500 am!"

Ah yes, Black friday ads were successful in getting my boys to THINK they needed to go shopping. It also points out that perhaps the boys are watching too much tv! We'll know that indeed is the case when they start asking for the new Barbie Vanity that seems to be the IT item based on the frequency that Cartoon Network airs the commercial.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Yep, that's my boy...

Ok, it's a known fact here in the House of Chang, that although Thing 2 may LOOK like his dad, he's his MOM in more ways than any of us can keep track of.

Tonight, was just another example. We're all watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We're at the scene were Mike TV is about be shrunk. But, first they are showing the technology where they take the GIANT chocolate bar and zap it into the tv set...making it oh so very tiny.

Thing Two says to me: "now that would give me nightmares! Shrinking Chocolate, that's terrible!".

Ah, yep, he's my boy! (although I admit that I have other fears besides my giant chocolate bar being reduced to less than a bite sized morsel!) *photo in this post was taken on a trip to Florida earlier this year. Right after he inhaled his first "Mickey Bar! A proud mom moment!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Where were you ten years ago?

Well, although most days my memory is as faulty as the next middle aged woman's, I do remember where I was ten years ago today...

I was getting hitched! The sun was starting to set over the San Pablo Bay. We were both a bit nervous: wondering what we were getting ourselves into. I looked around and saw Dom's best friend and his wife along with my family and I knew that it was going to be ok! I'd found my match!

So, there you have it, we've made it to the ten year mark. That's quite an accomplishment I think. And I can honestly say, he's still the best...oh sure, there have been those days when I wouldn't have had such a glowing review...but for the most part, he's my perfect match!

And being the practical people that we are, we just finished dining on take out from Chipotles while the kids scarf down a Happy Meal and we all are watching cartoon network together! Yep, leave it to those crazy Changs: we're always on the cutting edge of a wild and crazy time!

(oh fear not, we did do the romantic dinner earlier in the week while my dad was still around to provide free child care!)

Happy Anniversary Hubby!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Oh where have I been?

I know...bad blogger! No recent pictures. No recent postings for that matter. You'd think I'd finally gotten a life or something equally exciting, eh?

Nah, it has just been a busy couple of weeks here at the House of Chang!
First there was Halloween. Or as my boys would say "the best Halloween EVER!" I'm not sure what prompted such a glowing review. It could be that things all went rather smoothly...from perfect weather for trick or treating, to a Halloween Bash with many of the boys' pals able to join us for a couple hours of rowdy fun.

And then there was a visit from Grandpa. It's always fun to have Grandpa visit and this time proved to be even better as I took off for the weekend and the guys had a GUYS ONLY weekend. I"m not sure what all went on while I was gone but somehow Thing Two now can use all sorts of slang to describe his elimination habits. Gee WIZ, I guess you have to take the good with the bad when you skip out on your family for an entire weekend.

Which brings me to the big event for me. Many of you know I"ve got a couple things I really enjoy. Scrapbooking is one of them. The other is hanging out on the computer. Oh there are other things too...but these are two of my favorite hobbies. Imagine what fun I had when I blended these two hobbies together for the Scrapshare retreat here in the Land of Sunshine. Several of us geek-wannabees visit a message board dedicated to scrapbooking and this past weekend, several of us who live in the same general area, got together to meet up with our imaginary friends. I had a blast and am pleased to report that none of the fellow scrapbookers were imaginary: they all had a great sense of humor and a generous spirit. I look forward to meeting up with this group again...and hope that our little gathering can continue to grow as more folks discover this group.

So, that about wraps things up here. I'd hoped to post some pictures of me with my new online pals...but in my haste I somehow deleted some files. So, instead, you're stuck with a picture of Moose Boy.

I vow to get back in the groove with more I really do like my time that I spend crafting my blog postings! I"ve missed this creative outlet!